Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Josie # 12: "Music Hath Charms" and "Odor Wise"

From She's Josie # 12 (April 1965)

1. "Music Hath Charms" - Seeing how Josie flips over Albert, Sock turns to Albert for advice on how to win Pepper's heart.

2. "Odor Wise" - Alexandra Cabot uses Cricket O'Dell's money-sniffing abilities to follow Albert around the world.

"Music Hath Charms"
Art: Dan De Carlo
Script: Frank Doyle

"Odor Wise"
Art: Dan De Carlo
Script: Frank Doyle


  1. I thought Alan M. was Josie's boyfriend. Or did it used to be Albert? I'm not very familiar with Josie stories, I've mostly read Jughead titles. (Albert kind of reminds me of Jughead, he even walks around with his eyes closed). :D

    - Hyrum

    1. Albert was Josie's boyfriend, but was replaced by Alan M in later comics