Thursday, September 24, 2009

Archie # 114: "Readers' Choice," "Butterfingers," "The Unwelcome," "The Interpreter" (Two versions)

From Archie # 114 (November 1960)

1. "Readers' Choice" - Faced with a typical, predictable Archie slapstick setup, Archie talks to the reader about all the things that aren't going to happen in this story.

2. "Butterfingers" - Archie and Reggie casually show off their skill in throwing and catching things without dropping them.

3. "The Unwelcome" - Archie shows up at a swanky resort hotel where Veronica is staying.

4. "The Interpreter" - Archie doesn't think learning Spanish is of any use, until an encounter with an injured boy proves him wrong. This story was remade in the late '60s with the same script and new art by Lucey; the second version is reprinted below the original.

"Readers' Choice"
Art: Harry Lucey
Script: Frank Doyle

Art: Harry Lucey
Script: Frank Doyle

"The Unwelcome"
Art: Harry Lucey
Script: Frank Doyle

"The Interpreter"
Art: Harry Lucey
Script: Frank Doyle

Original version (from Archie # 114)

Remake (from the late '60s)

Josie # 6: "Tower of Trouble"

From She's Josie #6 (May 1964)

  1. "Tower of Trouble" Josie, Melody and Pepper are locked in the tower room of a spooky old house by two crooks, June July and Augie September, who are looking for a fortune in jewels stolen by June's late husband.

  2. Pin-Up - Great pin-up page with Josie, Melody and Pepper in mismatched dance costumes.

"Tower of Trouble"
Art: Dan DeCarlo
Script: Frank Doyle

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4